A Level cycle supérieur


The last two years of your school life are the most important stage of your school career, from the subjects you choose for A Level to gaining a place at your preferred choice of university, to the first steps towards the way of life you feel called to. At BICS you will have the opportunity of studying in small classes to help maximize your potential with a high ratio of teachers to pupils; BICS’ ratio is 1:6 as opposed to the public sector where the ratio is 1:16. The level of support you will receive is exceptional.

The International A Level Curriculum is a world renowned guarantee of excellence, recognised not only in all European countries, but internationally.

What can I study ?

Achieve something exceptional with your A Levels.

The advantage of being in the Sixth Form at BICS is spending time with a group of like-minded people where outstanding success is respected and encouraged; all levels of talent are effectively supported. Within the framework of the Christian tradition, learning to respect one another’s talents and opinions becomes part of your life. This is enriched by a wide range of clubs and activities. BICS pupils leave the school with true confidence, not only in themselves but in public speaking and they are highly articulate in their written work; Trips and visits are organized not only in Belgium but abroad as well, to develop a depth of knowledge and experience in art, science and languages.


Making the right choices.

The subjects you choose for A Level will determine the course of your intellectual development, they will influence what you go on to study at university and ultimately the career path you take; making the right choice is a matter of vital importance.

BICS focuses on traditional academic subjects favoured by good universities.

  • English Language and Literature.
  • Mathematics.
  • Biology.
  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • History.
  • French language and Literature.


At BICS Sixth Form students are encouraged to take part in sport. We offer a range of options, including rugby, netball, swimming, tennis and golf.

Music and Drama

Get on the stage with music and Drama.

Music is a big part of life at BICS, whether it be singing in the various choirs, playing in the orchestra, or individual lessons; Every year there is a high quality drama production. In June 2018 it was Gilbert and Sullivan’s Princess Ida.

When I leave

Your aspirations can be tested and realized.

Most of our Sixth Formers are expected to go on to university. The A Level qualification is highly esteemed as a standard of excellence, and will enable you to enter the best universities in Europe and in the world.