Our pupils are playing rugby once a week, on Thursday afternoon after class, at the Rugby Club St Josse (Avenue des Communautés, 1200 Bruxelles). Our great instructor Nicolas is teaching them the techniques of this nice team sport. Our sports teacher, M. Mahaux, is collaborating to develop the BICS team, so that it can get ready to participate in competitions with other schools. And we are proud of our nice rugby shirt, as well !

Nos élèves jouent au rugby une fois par semaine

comédie musicale


On Tuesday afternoons after class, our pupils meet at the Leman building with our teachers Mrs. Miller and Ms. Emily Miller to sing and dance together. This activity is thought to make BICS children become more familiar with music and drama, so that they will eventually prepare to participate in the end of school play when they grow older. The repertoire of musical comedy is approached in a convivial atmosphere, so that pupils from the 1st to the 5th grade primary can participate and enjoy a very nice and at the same time formative experience. Their end of year play performance of “Oliver” was a great success.


Twice a month, our pupils have the opportunity to come to the cinema at BICS. On Friday evening, one film is shown for the primary pupils and a second one is selected for the secondary students; this one is followed by a brief discussion on the film. Drinks and a snack are served in a friendly setting, which tries to emulate a cinema theatre at our Leman building. So far this year, we have watched “Benji” and “Pollyanna” for our younger ones, and “The Railway Children” and “Le château de ma mère” for our grown-ups.

le cinéma club

les élèves de la bics peuvent jouer au tennis


BICS pupils play tennis on clay at the Centre Sportif de la Woluwe (Av. Em. Mounier 87, 1200 Woluwé St. Lambert). We have two groups, one for the primary school and one for the secondary school. Tennis instructor Daniel Pieters has a great technique and lots of experience with children. He also organized our Summer Camp at the Château International Sainte-Anne. Groups are reduced (4 to 6 participants).


The Spanish guitarist Paco Jordi comes to the Leman building twice a week to teach our pupils the basics of the classic guitar. Reduced groups of a maximum of 4 students are formed, so that not only the instrument, but also music theory, can be taught in an effective way. The student needs to buy a guitar, a footstand and a score notebook; classes take place on Monday or Wednesday afternoons, at the Leman building.

cours de guitare classique


Our pupils can go swimming after their classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Those that prefer to swim a big pool do so at Sports City (Av. Salomé 2, 1150 Brussels), with our sports teacher M. Mahaux; those that prefer a closer pool are accompanied by the PE instructor Mme. Marie-Laure Bordes to the swimming-pool at the Rue de la Natation 10, 1050 Brussels. There are seven groups, with a reduced number of pupils/group (between 2 and 4), to allow for a higher technique and security.


The French artist Mme. Petiau expands the artistic talent of our primary pupils through a weekly lesson on Tuesday afternoons. This club was very successful last year, and the school is proud to offer our most creative youngsters with the possibility to benefit from the classical style of a skilled painter and sculptor. Techniques used include gouache and pastels. The course has started with our youngsters having to draw some figures of fruit, and then adding colours and shades.


Similarly, Mr Kfoury has offered to prepare our students for the double-credit option in Science, “Coordinated Sciences”, which maximizes the result of our chemistry-physics-biology new lab in the Froissart building. We are proud of having such an outstanding level of both teacher and pupils.


Only for pre-primary pupils. This activity is a wonderful way of teaching English to non-English speaking pupils, while at the same time developing their love for music. Music and Movement helps youngsters repeat elements of communication, heightens their sound discrimination, enhances fluency and structure of language and fosters interaction with other children. This activity has been proven to increase average literacy by 32%. As it is the case with other extra-curricular activities, the feedback coming from parents has been excellent. It is available on Monday afternoons at the Leman building.


The pre-primary children are introduced to the art of cooking in a fun way. This activity takes place in the Wavre building.


Italian is taught at our school thanks to an agreement with the italian Embassy, which sends a teacher to our premises on Fridays after class. The course is intended for pupils who already have some knowledge of Italian, and aims to improve their grammar and reading and writing skills. We started with a group of primary pupils and this year we have expanded into two groups, divided by ages.


Similar to the painting activity, but for the pre-primary school. This activity takes place in the Leman building, on Wednesday afternoon.