“We aim to achieve high standards in a purposeful yet calm and comfortable department”

This Department is housed in a newly renovated school building on the rue Général Leman. An additional building with three more classes opened on chaussée de Wavre in September 2015. Children start in the Nursery at the age of two and a half, and move on first, second and third Pre-primary years. Classes are small and there is a truly caring and friendly atmosphere with individual attention being given to each child, enabling them to grow in confidence and to have the best start possible to their academic life. We aim to achieve high standards in a purposeful yet calm and comfortable department.

Our Pre-primary department gives younger children their all-important introduction to the learning environment from the age of two years and a half. We provide a very effective introduction to those concepts that are central to successful learning, without subjecting the children to any feeling of pressure; learning is presented to these young children in an enjoyable, easily assimilated way.

As the children develop, we foster their skills in reading, language and number work to provide a secure basis for literacy and numeracy. By the time they join the Primary department at the age of six, we would expect them to have good verbal and writing skills alongside the ability to be comfortable with numbers and with concepts such as big, small or heavy.

We introduce our Pre-primary children to science by exploring a variety of living things and materials in the environment, stimulating their curiosity by using an enquiring approach.

Early Pre-learning activities include access to sand, crafts, construction toys, books, games, and puzzles. These activities stimulate the children’s ideas, increase their awareness of shape and space, develop their powers of communication and help them to learn how to work effectively together.

In the Pre-primary classes we have Physical Education twice a week, which includes following a movement programme, dance, swimming, music and following obstacle courses. These activities help children to develop and practice their motor skills.

The addition of social experience and plenty of play provide a fully rounded educational foundation during the vital early years.

Parents are kept aware of what is happening in the class by our monthly photo diary and files of work. The children receive regular reports during the year and the teachers encourage regular contacts with parents.