You will find below a small description of all the activities the organization Happy Children will offer this year.

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Mondays & 

4.00pm - 4pm

Year 4 to Y7

The Dutch class is for beginner, pupils with no previous knowledge of the Dutch language. It is for pupils from Year 4 to Year 7. The purpose is to learn the basics of Dutch (vocabulary, grammar, reading…)


The club will take place on Monday. The price is 180€ for the first trimester (books included).


Mrs Rosita Ciancio, new teacher at our school will be in charge of this activity.



4 pm -5 pm (Wavre)


5  pm -6 pm (Leman)

Learn Spanish the fun way! In this club your child will learn Spanish through basic language play, games, songs, dances and handicraft. Acquiring a language is so much easier when you enjoy the lesson.


Spanish language and literature teacher, Mrs Elena Espadas has lived in Brussels for four years, has worked at Bics for a few years. She has been in charge of the Spanish club for a moment. Last year, she graduated as a Spanish as a foreign language teacher, a degree acknowledged by the Cervantes Institute.


Tuesdays & Thursdays

4pm -5pm

Mrs Rubas is in charge of the English clubs for pre-primary for 2019-2020. There will be one club on Tuesday and the other one on Thursday. The English club introduces the language to children through fun games, songs, and storytelling. We focus on helping the children speak English more confidently and learning new vocabulary. We also review the jolly phonics that the children learn in class (writing, reading, and listening).


Mrs Rubas has been a Kindergarten teacher in our school for three years now. She's a native English speaker and is keen to help young children develop their English.



4pm - 5pm


4pm - 5pm

In order to help primary children with difficulties in French, Mrs Ciancio & Mme Bladt, offers a French club with both exercises and playful activities to learn French.

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