You will find below a small description of all the activities the organization Happy Children will offer this year.

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For timetable, please check with Suzuki

For violin lessons, The Asbl Happy Children works the Suzuki association.


Suzuki violin lessons by Suzuki Music Brussels

The Suzuki Method humanises the teaching of classical music by rooting it in children's natural learning abilities. Very young children are naturally talented for music. They will realise this innate talent provided they benefit from both a favourable environment and a natural yet rigorous educational approach. The Suzuki approach implies a starting age between 3 and 6 years; the close involvement of parents; the use of both single and group lessons; a standard repertoire with accompanying CDs; and directing the attention of beginners primarily to listening, precision and body awareness, even before they learn to read notes.

Beginners aged less than 6 may take group lessons only.

Our teachers are experienced professionals who have trained both at conservatoire and through the five-level European Suzuki Association teacher-training course, typically lasting 4 years. Our violin groups include pupils ranging from 2 to 17 years and from Book 1 to Book 8 of the Suzuki repertoire.


Group lesson prices: 200€/year (BICS students) or 260€/year (non-BICS students)


More information at 



Inscription and paymentInscription Form (Student):




12.30 - 2 pm


1.15 pm to 2 pm

M. Paco Jordi offers the same package as last year et gives 2 classes of guitar in groups on Wednesdays (from 12h30 to 1.15pm, and from 1.15pm to 2pm).


For information, registrations, and paiements, please contact M. Jordi:




2pm -5pm

Mr Aidan Marshall will offer guitar lessons in English on Wednesday. There will be six 30 minutes individual lessons. The price is yet to be determined.


You may contact the teacher for more information: aidanmarshall82@gmail.com

For registrations, please contact Happy Children.

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