Happy children achieve more

The Brussels International Catholic School (BICS) is an independent co-educational day school with Pre- Primary, Primary and Secondary departments. We offer a bi-lingual curriculum (English/French) in the Pre- Primary and Primary departments which follows the curriculum of the Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP) and the Belgian accredited programme. The Secondary department retains a bi-lingual aspect, but is more focused on English, as the curriculum followed leads to the Cambridge International exams. We are able to look after the needs of every individual child. The school stands for academic excellence, but the underlying ethos of the school is that happy children achieve more. Bics offers a broad curriculum and children are always encouraged to try their best and to strive for excellence in everything they do.

The school places the child at the centre of all our efforts; it is important that the learning experience is both sufficiently structured and enjoyable so that our pupils are motivated to achieve their best. We work with families to ensure that the boys and girls have high academic expectations, are successful in public examinations and discover intellectual interests that will stay with them for life. The consistent examination success of our children bears witness to our educational methods.

Our school numbers more than 600 children, and we are a truly international community counting over forty nationalities. As a Catholic school we believe that our Christian faith adds an important aspect to our educational vision, enabling us to respect every individual as created in the image of God; nevertheless we gladly accept a number of students of other cultures and traditions. We support them and their families as they make their journey of faith alongside us.

Canon William Hudson, MA (Cantab)



  • To share with parents in the spiritual, moral and intellectual formation of their children, in a Christian community with which their families may be joined in friendship for the rest of their lives.

  • to educate the young in the tradition and sacramental life of the Church and to encourage each towards a joyful, free and self-disciplined life of faith and virtue.

  • to work for excellence in all our endeavours, academic, sporting and cultural. We ask each student to give of their best. We ask much of the gifted and we encourage the weak. Each is taught to appreciate the value of learning and the pursuit of the truth.

  • to help our boys and girls grow up mature and honourable, inspired by high ideals and capable of leadership, so that they may serve others generously, be strong in friendship, and loving and loyal towards their families.

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