"We encourage all to value learning and the pursuit of truth"

In an academic institution like BICS, academic rigour is the first essential. We ask of each pupil that he or she give the best that they can give. We ask much of their gifts, and support them in their difficulties. Academically a comprehensive range of subjects, highly professional teaching, and first class facilities for learning create that challenge. The majority of our pupils are fluent in English and French, although we can integrate pupils who are not. An interview and academic evaluation is a requirement for admission. We have small class sizes and well qualified teachers who give of their best to get the best from students-inspiring and challenging them.

A pupil’s first two years in the School are the years in which he or she lays solid academic foundations. Every pupil studies English, French and Mathematics. They also study the three principal branches of science-Biology, Chemistry and Physics. History, Geography, and Latin are also obligatory. We believe that all of our pupils in their first two years should follow more or less the same broad curriculum, and that it is wrong to ask a pupil to choose between subjects before the requisite maturity and experience.

A Christian education is rooted in the conviction that, as God’s creation is good, the young deserve access to all the great scientific, literary and artistic achievements of our civilisation. We strive to give to all our students a sense of the value of learning for its own sake. We hold that the search for truth begun early is the foundation of a full adult life.

A full range of extra-curricular activities is provided within school hours, including sport, art, drama and music. Regular visits are made to cultural and artistic events. Once a year a class trip lasting a week is organised to a foreign country. We encourage our pupils to be become fully rounded individuals, ready to serve others generously, be strong in friendships and loyal towards their families.


The school is an accredited test centre of the University of Cambridge Exams. Our students follow this internationally recognised curriculum, taking International IGCSEs at the age of 16. The school opened the Sixth Form in September 2014 offering the International ‘A’ level curriculum.

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