— Maria Gomez

“Pre-primary: Caring environment for children. Excellent bilingual education. International environment. Spiritual and family values we can only agree to.”

— Nadine Bennani,

“I'm happy with Bics : academically is very advanced in both French and English. Kids in primary can already write essays and analyse articles in public, mental maths , spelling and reading are subjects that kids in Bics love much. The teachers are very qualified and friendly...”

— Elrica D'Oyen-Gebert

Excellent school with high standards in all respects.

En pleine douceur!

Alessandro di Pamparato 

Thank you for all you do for our children. We appreciate and love how you treat each child as a child of God worthy of respect and dignity. The teachers are amazing: thank you for taking the time to help out your students and for understanding their different learning, styles and abilities. Most of all thank you to BICS for modeling Christian values and behavior....”

Andreea Pascu Ciobanu

When I started my project with BICS I knew that for me the school can have only two purposes - to give the child the necessary knowledge, that is to train and to prepare the child for the adult of  tomorrow, that is to educate him.

It's been five years since we worked together and I wholeheartedly hope that my three children are on the right track. Thanks BICS and much success!

Maria Carpintero

En ce moment je suis en deuxième année du bachelier en Droit, en bilingue français & anglais, à l’Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles. 

Mon passage par l’école Bics a été très positif. Je garde de bons souvenirs de belles amitiés que j’ai pu faire pendant ces 8 ans à l’école, ainsi que de plusieurs professeurs qui ont toujours été à l’écoute. Une des plus grandes richesses de la Bics est la diversité, tant dans le corps enseignant que dans les élèves. J’ai fini par avoir des connaissances partout dans le monde !

En ce qui concerne les A Levels, ce sont des examens très rigoureux. Je pense qu’ils m’ont préparée à pouvoir plus facilement m’adapter à l’université. Les A Levels donnent une grande indépendance à chaque étudiant ; je trouve que cela m’a aidé à pouvoir suivre le rythme universitaire.

Mon souvenir le plus marquant de l’école est l’ensemble de voyages que nous avons réalisés. Les voyages  scolaires en Grèce et Rome étaient géniaux. En outre, je garde de merveilleux souvenirs du voyage en Géorgie lors de notre participation à une session de débat internationale.

Pierre and Brunella Di Toro

Our son Lorenzo started attending a brushing-up course within his enrolment in the Business Administration undergraduate programme at KU Leuven University. Today, he is already sitting a first assessment test. All this shows how fast clock keeps ticking: milestones have been achieved and others are in front of ex BICS’ students.


With my wife, we would take this moment to acknowledge the high-level education provided by BICS as a whole and its copied teachers particularly. Based on this, we are confident that Lorenzo is solidly prepared to cope with his new endeavor.

We will gladly keep promoting BICS as a great opportunity for students willing to achieve top-quality objectives.

It was also a pleasure to know you and the teachers from a personal point of view, inter alia for your availability to interface at any moment with us as parents, as well as your openness to allow and support Lorenzo’s development and implementation of his projects “BICS’ YES YES NO NO interviews”.

  • BICS - Interview with Director of the Athenian Agora Excavations, by Mr Lorenzo Di Toro



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  • BICS - Interview with European Commission's DG for Environment, by Lorenzo Di Toro



  • BICS - Interview with Edwin M. Epstein, University of California at Berkeley, by Lorenzo Di Toro


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