You will find below a small description of all the activities the organization Happy Children will offer this year.

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4 pm - 5pm


4 pm - 5 pm

Psychomotor skills are considered essentials for children from pre-school. We know that for a child, everything starts with the body. They will learn how to be aware of their body, and how to coordinate their movements. Gym is the perfect way to do it, through games and little courses using tools appropriate for their age.


Mrs Appolonio and Mrs Massin, our two pre-primary teachers, will be in charge of this class.


2 Sundays / Month

Happy Children will offer Gold course on Sunday, twice a month in collaboration with the Brussels Golf Club Academy.


More information on the activities list.



Happy Children will offer Cricket course on Mondays, in collaboration with the Brussels Cricket Association.


More information on the activities list.

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