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    An international school in the heart of Europe that encourages academic excellence in a warm family environment
Competitive fees: 10 900€ yearly
Headmaster's Message
"Happy children achieve more"
Dear Parents,

May I warmly welcome you to the BICS community!

Our school strives to maintain a caring and enthusiastic environment where we challenge everyone to achieve their academic and personal potential. We do so in the context of our Christian values of respect of each person, of other people and the world around us. We place the child at the centre of all our efforts. It is important that the learning experience is both sufficiently structured and enjoyable so that pupils are motivated to achieve their best.

Our vision is to work with families in the task of educating your children in a climate of mutual trust and cooperation between leadership, teachers, pupils and parents. We have a thriving English/ French bilingual programme in our medium-sized school that numbers around 150 children. This enables us to form a learning community where every individual is cared for and is able to fulfil his or her potential and become confident learners. Our remarkable national and cultural diversity is an inspiring example of how, on a small scale, we are able to build a harmonious and fulfilled community.

All our teachers are native English or French speakers and show extraordinary dedication to their pupils, expecting the best of the stronger and encouraging the weaker. Students who leave BICS are typically confident, gregarious, dynamic and empathetic. We hope they will cherish the knowledge, skills and values they have learned here and keep them for life.

I am delighted that you are considering BICS as a potential choice. You are very welcome to book a visit and see all of this in action.

Canon William Hudson, MA (Cantab) – Headmaster
Canon Hudson is a priest of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Before his seminary studies near to Florence, Italy, he read history at Magdalene College, Cambridge. He has been Headmaster for the past eighteen years.
Our Mission

"We strive for academic excellence in a caring family environment"

Students (Pre-Primary)
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  • “Thank you for all you do for our children. We appreciate and love how you treat each child as a child of God worthy of respect and dignity. The teachers are amazing: thank you for taking the time to help out your students and for understanding their different learning styles and abilities. Most of all thank you to BICS for modelling Christian values and behaviour....”
    Alessandro di Pamparato
  • "I'm very happy with BICS. Academically, it is very advanced in both French and English. The children in the Primary school can already write essays, analyse articles, do mental maths. Spelling and Reading are subjects that the children at BICS enjoy. The teachers are very qualified and friendly...”
    Nadine Bennani
  • Excellent school with high standards in all respects. En pleine douceur!
    Peter Gebert


Pre-primary recognised school
Our school is recognised as a Cambridge University Examination Centre
Pre-primary accredited by ecis
Our school is accredited by the European Council of International Schools
Pre-primary recognised by FWB
The Wallonia-Brussels Federation recognises the education provided by BICS as fulfilling the schooling obligation
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