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General Info

School Hours
Meals & Snacks
After-school Care
The school opens at 7h45 and children should arrive by 8h25.

School ends at 15h30 and at 12h30 on Wednesdays.

A garderie service exists until 18h00 (17h00 on Wednesday).
All information pertaining to uniforms can be found here.
We have two breaks a day, during which the children have their snacks brought from home.

The 30-minute lunch break is followed by 30 minutes of recreation.

Three options are available for lunch: a catering service that provides a varied menu of hot meals every day; BoxBunny, an online delivery service, four days a week, and of course children are welcome to bring their own lunchboxes prepared at home.
In order to assist working parents, the school provides an after–school service (Garderie) from 16h until 18h (from 13h to 17h on Wednesdays), and parents are billed at 8 euros an hour.

Extracurricular Activities

A list of extracurricular activities will be distributed to parents at the beginning of the school year.

The activities are organised by the teachers of the pre-primary school. The activities will be offered on Mondays to Fridays from 16h to 17h, and on Wednesdays from 13h to 14h.
​​​​​​​Parents are billed according to the activity.
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