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Bilingual school English - French

Pre-primary, primary and secondary

The Brussels International Catholic School is an independent school in the heart of Brussels situated just behind the European Institutions.
Benefiting from newly renovated buildings, it seeks to combine academic excellence with a caring family environment.

“Our goal is to produce courteous, independent minded and well rounded children.”

Pre-primary school


Our pre-primary department gives younger children their all-important introduction to the learning environment from the age of two years and a half...

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primary school


Our academic programme consists, in essence, of two strands. We equip children with the means to learn, explore and develop ideas...

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Secondary school


Academically a comprehensive range of subjects, highly professional teaching, and first class facilities for learning create that challenge...

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  • Rue Général Leman, 86 (Pre-primary and primary) - 00/32 (0)2 230 0218
  • Rue de Theux, 32 (Pre-primary)
    02 646 27 71
  • Chaussée de Wavre, 457 (Secondary)
    02 640 35 36