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A Bilingual Education

No one can doubt that the mastery of several languages is a great advantage, giving a head start for their future. 
Based in the capital of Europe, our school has opted for the combination of English and French.

Who are we?

The Brussels International Catholic School was founded in 2004 as a successor of the Institute of Saints Peter and Paul, a small Catholic school founded in 1971.

Given the transformation of Brussels into a truly international community, it was decided to open an international school following the Cambridge International Curriculum.

Our Pre-Primary and Primary schools are both English/French bilingual. The language of instruction in our secondary school is English.

Students take the International IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11, and the International A Levels at the end of Year 13.
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A powerful learning opportunity

At BICS we believe that theatrical expression is much more than just an extracurricular activity. It's a powerful learning
opportunity that nurtures confidence, creativity, and empathy in our students.

Our program emphasizes personal growth through the stage, where everyone can discover their hidden talents, assert themselves, and forge lasting bonds with their peers. Whether you aspire to play iconic roles, write captivating plays, or delve into the backstage as a technician, our school offers an unforgettable theatrical experience that will stay with you far beyond your years of study.

Get ready to illuminate our stage with your dazzling passion and creativity!
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  • “Thank you for all you do for our children. We appreciate and love how you treat each child as a child of God worthy of respect and dignity. The teachers are amazing: thank you for taking the time to help out your students and for understanding their different learning styles and abilities. Most of all thank you to BICS for modelling Christian values and behaviour....”
    Alessandro di Pamparato
  • "I'm very happy with BICS. Academically, it is very advanced in both French and English. The children in the Primary school can already write essays, analyse articles, do mental maths. Spelling and Reading are subjects that the children at BICS enjoy. The teachers are very qualified and friendly...”
    Nadine Bennani
  • Excellent school with high standards in all respects. En pleine douceur!
    Peter Gebert

Brilliant Careers after BICS

Each step of your journey has left an indelible mark on our school, and we are delighted to reconnect with you now, shining bright in diverse and exciting careers.
From medicine to technology, entrepreneurship to the arts, your varied achievements speak volumes about your determination and dedication.
We take great pride in being part of your story and hope to witness your continued success and prosperity in your respective fields. Together, we form a strong community, bound by our shared past and inspired by your future accomplishments.
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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

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