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Welcome to BICS Secondary

Secondary school Brussels

Applying to BICS

Every effort is made to create a stimulating environment in which our children achieve their full potential. We accept pupils on an ongoing basis throughout the year, space permitting, and our admissions process considers each child's current level and aptitude

The admissions procedure at BICS is as follows:

If your expectations of what a school should provide is in line with our educational aims, please complete and submit the application form.
We will set an appointment for an in-person or telephone interview with the Headmaster.

If you are locally-based, we also suggest that your child attend the school visit. We may ask to assess certain applicants in language, math or another subject.

Once you are officially enrolled, we finalise the class grouping decisions upon your arrival at school.
Once you accept our offer of a place, we kindly ask you to confirm the enrolment of your child by paying the non-reimbursable admission fee of 500 Euros. We are unable to guarantee a space in the class without such confirmation.
If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to have a look at our FAQs or to contact us.
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