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What is SmartSchool?

Smartschool is an information platform that BICS uses to facilitate the maximum transparency of communication between teachers, students, and parents. While it contains many great features that parents and students will appreciate, there are aspects of particular note.
  • The Class Journal is very important, as teachers use it to describe the days’ work and plans for any future homework or tests. In this way, all BICS members will be up to date with classroom and school events.
  • Students and parents can monitor their grades throughout the semester via the Skore function. Teachers integrate all homework, tests, and other assignments into this section in order that a student’s progress can be monitored on a regular basis; there are no surprises when report cards are handed out.
  • The platform is secure and in conformity with all E.U. regulations regarding personal data protection. This means that the Message function is a safe means of direct communication between students, parents, and teachers. Any messages sent by the secretariat will also be sent through this programme.
  • Finally, Smartschool is very easy to use, and can be accessed through a personal profile online or via the Smartschool application.
SmartSchool is an integral part of BICS. It allows students, parents, and teachers to remain connected and informed of a student’s education.

SmartSchool is also used by our teachers on a daily basis to conduct pedagogical exercises on the SmartBoards.
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