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An English Language School

BICS Secondary maintains a strong French programme as many of our students come from our bi-lingual primary school. However the language of instruction is English.
BICS offers the Cambridge International Curriculum, a programme noted both for its academic exellence and its
flexibility. Recognised and respected worldwide, it prepares students for success both at university and beyond.
The secondary programme is divided into three cycles.
The first cycle (Years 8 & 9) emphasises grammar, language acquisition, written expression, science, history,  geography and mathematics. In the second cycle (Years 10 & 11), students prepare for the IGCSE exams (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), a series of Cambridge international qualifications covering a broad range of courses. In the final cycle, or Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13), students prepare for the A Level exams giving access to further studies and universities throughout the world.
To learn more, please consult our curriculum brochure below, and the Cambridge Assessment International Education website

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The Cambridge Pathway

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