We think of the BICSCHOOL community as an extended family. The schools warmly welcome new parents and students and make every effort to ensure they settle in well.  We recognize that expatriate families often change countries and may remain with us for a limited time, but we also have local families whose children ‘grow up’ at BICS, progressing through all three levels in order to fully profit from the international nature of our schools, to acquire competence in English and French and to benefit from our outstanding academic programme. Irrespective of your origin, we aim to offer you our full support in integrating into BICS and Belgium. 

Our entire team is always on hand and will be delighted to help you in any way we can. 

Music & Theatre

End-of-Year Show

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The development and refinement of artistic gifts has long been of importance and value at our school. Every year, and now for over a decade, we offer such an opportunity to students who wish to participate in our annual musical show. 

The investment toward a range of drama, music and dance are appreciated by our students from the start of the year in detailed preparation. The combination of these, dedication required and such collaboration; allow for our students the satisfaction of a common work realized as a final production. Please come and enjoy! It will be a show defying all expectations, one of breathtaking quality – for the whole family’s enjoyment.

Opera Outings

Since 2013, BICS pupils and families have been attending monthly Sunday afternoon performances at the Opera Royal de Wallonie in Liege, just an hour away from Brussels.

The school has an annual subscription which allows us to have excellent seats in the orchestra at attractive rates.

For more information, please contact the school’s office.

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Other Family Events

Family Dinners

With each Year group, we enjoy a friendly and festive meeting between families and the school in which to share a beautiful spread of international cuisine

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Parents/Teachers Meetings

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Christmas Fayre

Come and see our twinkling decorations, sample seasonal and international tastes and browse our display of interesting stands. You are warmly welcome to join us- for a lovely Christmas community atmosphere and our Christmas choir concert!